Hans Raab Kalkex

Hans Raab Kalkex

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Hans Raab Kalkex is made from 100% natural citric acid in a complex process from natural raw materials. Compared to descalers that contain vinegar, the product is odourless and is 100% concentrated.


  • dissolves completely and easily in water
  • is 100% biodegradeable
  • is a natural descaler, which is safe when used according to instructions

Please note: There are a number of substances and compounds in products and appliances that are NOT suitable for every type of descaling because these materials will react to acidic solutions which is evident in the appearance of stains or similar adverse reactions


  • toilets
  • fittings
  • coffee makers
  • for removing cement films from tiles
  • calcium deposits on swimming pool walls
  • in sanitary areas

Please follow the instructions for use in the package!



  • The Hans Raab Kalkex when combined with water does not have a long shelf life.
  • The Hans Raab Kalkex container is refillable
  • for gentle and easy removal of calcium, use the Hans Raab Kalkex spray bottle
  • keep Hans Raab Kalkex out of reach of children
  • avoid all contact with skin and eyes when working with Kalkex
  • when washing with Saponella (in the washing machine or dishwasher), Kalkex may be added from time to time depending on the hardness of the water.
  • Do not use Hans Raab Kalkex on enamel,  limestone, and marble! Staining may occur!

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