Ha-Ra Cleaning Cloth - Star

Ha-Ra Cleaning Cloth - Star

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SIZE: 38 x 38 cm

The Ha-Ra® Star Cloth is a polishing and cleaning cloth.


  • Cleaning of small spots (finger prints) on glass and glass doors.
  • Cleaning of small spots (finger prints) on mirrors and stainless steel.
  • Cleaning and polishing chrome surfaces.
  • Cleaning and polishing of stainless steel and chrome handrails.
  • Synthetic surfaces and ornaments.
  • Crystal.
  • Cleaning and polishing of all smooth surfaces.
  • Picking up residues and polishing the surface after using the Ultra or Natura fibres.
  • Vehicles
  • Most smooth surfaces.
  • Used like a Chamois (shammy).


  • For best results, use the Ha-Ra® Star Cloth in a dry/damp condition.
  • Slide over the surface with little pressure using the cloth in a forward / backward or up and down movement.
  • On soiled, dirty areas, loosen first with the Ha-Ra® Viva Mini, Ha-Ra® Viva Ultra and/or Ha-Ra®Natura cloth and then polish it with the Ha-Ra® Star Cloth.
  • When this cloth is used in the kitchen or other areas where food processing is involved, rinse out on a regular basis. This is to avoid smell and bacteria growing in the cloth.


  • Wash the Ha-Ra® Star Cloth only when it becomes heavily soiled.
  • In normal use, this cloth can be used for a period of time without washing.
  • If dirty, wash in a bucket of water or washing machine at a temperature NOT higher than 40º Cwith Ha-Ra® Saponella Washing Powder.
  • Rinse and wring out properly and hang out to dry, preferably in the sun.

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