Ha-Ra Cleaning Cloth - Natura

Ha-Ra Cleaning Cloth - Natura

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The Ha-Ra® Natura Cleaning Cloth is a combination of Ha-Ra® cleaning fibres and fine cotton fibres.

These fibres clean and dry in one step!

Its patented manufacturing process guarantees a high quality standard and durability.

The Ha-Ra® Natura Cleaning Cloth is a general cleaning cloth. It has been designed to collect the grime and moisture loosened by the Ha-Ra® Vivi Mini and Ha-Ra® Viva-Ultra cleaning cloths, as well as to collect dust and clean lightly soiled areas.


Anywhere there is dust or dirt including:

  • General cleaning of lightly soiled surfaces.
  • Kitchen cupboards and bench tops, tops of refrigerators.
  • Refrigerator surfaces and when defrosting refrigerators.
  • Following the Ha-Ra® Viva-Ultra Cleaning Cloth to collect the moisture on stove tops, range hoods and inside cupboards and microwaves.
  • To collect the excess moisture and grime from mirrors, shower screens and tiles after loosening with the Ha-Ra® Viva-Ultra Cleaning Cloth.
  • Cleaning of basins, benches and baths.
  • Dampen the cloth to dust bedrooms, living rooms, TV screens, tops of stereo systems, lamp shades, bookcases, book shelves and most other furniture.
  • To clean dashboards of cars and collect excess moisture and grime from car windows.
  • Computer office windows, shelves and office equipment.


Either dampen or immerse the Ha-Ra® Natura Cleaning Cloth in water, using 2 drops of Hans Raab Protective Formula per 4-5 litres of water.

Then fold the pile into the centre or roll the cloth (with the pile inside) and squeeze out most of the water.

When collecting moisture from glass the Ha-Ra® Natura Cleaning Cloth should be folded in four and a downwards S motion used, to prevent any dropping of dust particles.


The Ha-Ra® Natura Cleaning Cloth is partly cotton and should be washed in the same manner as clothing.

Wash regularly in the washing machine or by hand, allowing the fibres to dry in the sun whenever possible.

Note that the cloth can be washed at a temperature NOT higher than 40º C. The Ha-Ra® Natura Cleaning Cloth must be washed to prevent rotting and decaying of the fibres. This will also eliminate the growth of bacteria and prolong the life of the cloth. We recommend using Ha-Ra® Saponella Washing Powder which is low suds and biodegradable.

NOTE: a new Ha-Ra®Natura Cleaning Cloth absorbs better after it has been washed to remove excess lint.

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