Hans Raab Protective Formula (500mls)

Hans Raab Protective Formula (500mls)

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This PH-neutral, gentle Protective Formula is used to enhance the effectiveness of the Ha-Ra® fibre cleaning products and is specially formulated for these - it helps the Ha-Ra® fibres in the cleaning process while at the same time protecting the cleaned surface.

The Hans Raab Protective Formula is extremely environmently friendly. It is produced from raw materials taken from plants and is 99% bio-degradable. (in accordance with the test from the Swiss Material Testing and Research Agency), the Protective Formula is easily bio-degradable. (EMPA test from 13.07.1998). It contains absolutely no preservatives.

The use of 1 drop (approx. 0.025 ml) per 2L water or 2-3 drops (0.05-075 ml) per 5L water, causes less stress on the environment than other leading cleaning products.

The Ha-Ra® cleaning system uses only 2-5% of what you would use with other cleaning products.

A household that uses Ha-Ra® products exclusively will only use 1-2 bottles of Hans Raab Protective Formula per year.


  • For all general cleaning.
  • In the kitchen to wash dishes and clean benches.
  • As a de-greaser on fatty dishes and baking trays.
  • To clean the refrigerator and eliminate any odours.
  • In the dishwasher as a rinse aid, to put a shine and a finish on all crockery.
  • To clean windows and shower screens – will reduce speed of build-up.
  • Mirrors.
  • To clean toilets.
  • 2 drops in water to clean floors.


Use Hans Raab Protective Formula very sparingly. Follow the directions shown for individual products. Don't use more than the recommended amount.

More will not produce a better result, instead it will create streaks.

Help reduce impact on the environment caused by chemicals and surfactants by cleaning all areas of your home with the Ha-Ra® system products and always apply the Hans Raab Protective Formula one drop at a time.

  • Dilute 1 drop to 2 litres of water.
  • Four drops to half a sink full of water is sufficient for cleaning the kitchen dishes or 2 drops in a wash basin will clean the entire bathroom.
  • Do not use directly on the cloth as this is a concentrate. Use the Hans Raab Rollfix instead.
  • However, in severe cases use a drop on Viva-Ultra fibres to remove stains on carpets, or to remove lipstick that has been absorbed by a damaged surface.
  • One drop at each end of the 32 cm window cleaner will prevent water running down the cleaning surface. One drop on the 19 cm window cleaner is sufficient.


The Hans Raab Protective Formula contains no preservatives, so it is recommended that it be stored in a cool place. If left in the sun, the bottle may leak. At home, keep stored in a cool place.

Please Note: Bottles are refillable. This way you help reduce the mountain of waste packaging that is currently produced. Ask your Ha-Ra® specialist consultant for more details.

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