Ha-Ra Cleaning Cloth - Viva-Ultra

Ha-Ra Cleaning Cloth - Viva-Ultra

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The Ha-Ra Viva-Ultra Cleaning Cloth is a double-sided, multi-purpose cleaning cloth. One side is made of the Ha-Ra® Viva fibre (9 mm pile height) and the other side consists of Ha-Ra® Ultra fibre(8 mm pile height).

A better cleaning result is achieved using a special, patented process which shrinks the fibres. This makes the Ha-Ra® Viva-Ultra the all purpose cleaner!



  • General cleaning of grease and grime.
  • Stove tops and range hoods.
  • Inside the dishwasher and seals on the door.
  • Tiles behind the stove and surrounding sink area. Inside refrigerator seals, around the doors of the refrigerators and when defrosting.
  • To wash dishes, pots, pans, casserole dishes and stained cups.
  • Build up of fat and grime on top of cupboards.
  • Around taps and plug holes and to clean sinks.
  • Glass ornaments and crystal


  • Shower recesses and shower screen doors.
  • Basins, taps and around plug holes.
  • Mould on walls and ceilings


  • To remove insects from glass windows, headlights and stainless steel bull bars.
  • Dashboards and steering wheels, trim around the doors and duco, upholstery. Do NOT use on metallic duco.


  • Childrens' school bags.
  • Runners and grips on all sporting equipment e.g. golf clubs and tennis rackets.
  • Fish tanks, outdoor fountains and bird baths with a build up of algae and slime.
  • Slippery outside slate and tile areas.
  • Removal of bird droppings from windows.
  • To remove marks from carpets or clothing.


  • Immerse the Ha-Ra® Viva-Ultra cloth in warm or cold water and shake or wring out any excess water.
  • Rub over the surface in a circular motion with light pressure, allowing the fibres of the cloth to penetrate into the grooves of the surface.
  • Allow the fibres to remove any grease and fat residue as well as to loosen built up dirt.
  • Once the cloth is gliding smoothly over the surface and not grabbing, the area is clean.
  • To collect the residue, wipe using the Ha-Ra® Natura Cloth.
  • Use only on cold to warm surfaces.


GENERAL CLEANING: It is recommended that the cloths are rinsed with running water or washed in the washing machine NOT higher than 40º C, using the natural washing powder, Ha-Ra® Saponella.

TO REMOVE FAT: The Ha-Ra® Viva-Ultra fibres must be cleaned with warm water and Ha-Ra® Saponella Washing Powder, or pure soap.

TO MAINTAIN THE FIBRES: It is recommended that 2 drops of Hans Raab Protective Formula be added to 2-3 litres of water in the sink or bucket when cleaning.

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