Ha-Ra Blue Cleaning Paste

Ha-Ra Blue Cleaning Paste

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A paste direct from Nature!!!

The ideal compliment to our fibre based cleaning system.

It is made from micro-fine marble meal, prepared chalk, 15% pure Soap Stone and Natural Care substances as well as high quality pure essential oils.

Ha-Ra® Blue Cleaning Paste is gentle on the skin, 100% biodegradable, poison and acid free and is very economical… a small amount does a lot of cleaning.

Ha-Ra® Blue Cleaning Paste contains no abrasive ingredients and therefore safe to use on all types of surfaces, including toughened glass.

Ha-Ra® Blue Cleaning Paste cleans, restores, polishes and protects in one action!

Ha-Ra® Blue Cleaning Paste will bring back the original lustre to deteriorated surfaces.


Apply paste with a damp Ha-Ra® Blue Cloth, wipe gently several times over the paste.
Move over the surface in a circular motion. Wash off with water and polish with a Ha-Ra® Brilliant Polishing Cloth.

When dealing with a sensitive surface (soft plastics, synthetics etc) we recommend that you first try this product on a non-visible area.


  • Use it to polish metal surfaces such as stainless steel, chrome and uncoated brass.
  • It will remove oxidation from car paint work, aluminium and fibreglass boats
  • Will make your glass shower screen look like new again.

Ha-Ra® Blue Cleaning Paste, hard surface stain remover is a specialty cleaner that removes the toughest stains without damaging expensive surfaces.

It will clean, polish and revive even the most neglected and deteriorated surfaces, like:

  • Chrome
  • stainless steel Ceramic cooktops
  • Glass and mirrors
  • Cutlery
  • Crockery
  • Cookware
  • Precious metals including silver, copper, gold and brass
  • Appliances
  • Rubber marks on vinyl, sports shoes etc…
  • Also stains on walls, acrylic and enamel coated surfaces etc.

Excellent on dirty stainless steel (sink, range hood, shower tray), built-up soap scum on shower box etc.
Very impressive on car windscreens! (Finally a product that really works!)


After using, allow the paste to dry BEFORE closing the lid.

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