Ha-Ra Window Cleaning Device (Squeegee) - STD

Ha-Ra Window Cleaning Device (Squeegee) - STD

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This window cleaning device (Squeegee) is suitable for small size or not many windows situation. It is made of Viva fibres and retains water well for longer cleaning periods.

Working with the Ha-Ra® Standard Window Cleaning Device is an experience. With this tool you will work:

  • Faster than a professional
  • Cleaner than a professional, and
  • Without the need for "elbow grease".

For these reasons, Hans Raab succeeded in setting two world records using the window cleaner.


Using the Ha-Ra® Standard Window Cleaning Device is very simple if you follow these instructions:

  1. Wet fibres completely under running water. Apply 2 - 3 drops of Hans Raab Protective Formula to the fibres and work into a rich lather or use the Hans Raab Rollfix. Then, by moving your hand across the fibre pad and pressing down, squeeze out excess water so it doesn't drip when held at an angle.
  2. Move the fibre pad of the Ha-Ra® Standard Window Cleaner over the dirty area in a circular motion, using light pressure.
  3. Dry the top edge of the rubber strip with a dry Ha-Ra® Star Cloth. Starting at the top of the window, remove water by moving the rubber strip down the window and applying light pressure, at the same time ensuring that the pad does not come in contact with the glass. Wipe the rubber strip with a dry Ha-Ra® Star Cloth for best results.
  4. To avoid dripping water on the window frame, lightly press the fibre pad against the bottom of the window, so that the water can be absorbed by the fibre pad.

IMPORTANT: Before every use, dry the edge of the rubber strip with a cloth (i.e the Ha-Ra® Star Cloth) to avoid streaks. After use, rinse well leaving the fibre pad on the window cleaner.

All fibres and all rubber strips are interchangable and available individually as replacement parts.

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