Ha-Ra Cleaning Glove - Green Outdoor Glove

Ha-Ra Cleaning Glove - Green Outdoor Glove

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This glove is an ideal universal cleaning aid for those really rough and dirty jobs that would rip normal cloths to shreds!


The Green Outdoor Glove (Green Glove) needs to be used damp to wet depending on task at hand.

  • Add 2 drops of Hans Raab Protective Formula to 5 litres of water or apply small amounts of Hans Raab Rollfix to the glove.
  • Immerse the glove in water and wring out thoroughly.
  • Use the glove damp. Remove dirt using a circular motion and light pressure.
  • Wipe dry if necessary.
  • When cleaning rough surfaces, use lots of water.


Outdoor Applications:

  • cleaning natural stone walls
  • window sills,
  • sliding doors and
  • window tracks of ranch sliders
  • fly screens
  • security doors
  • roller shutters (Venetian blinds)
  • patios and outdoor furniture
  • pergolas
  • all kinds of synthetic roofing materials
  • steps
  • gates
  • railings
  • stone statues and fountains
  • can also be used in combination with Hans Raab Kalkex to remove calcium deposits (decalcify).
  • excellent for removing moss.

Indoor Applications:

  • for cleaning all rough materials
  • brickwork
  • exposed beams (rough cut)
  • metal doors
  • wood and synthetic paneling
  • rubber flooring
  • natural stone tiles


  • green houses
  • car wheel trims
  • cleaning cars (sections at a time, followed by the Ha-Ra® Brilliant Star Cloth as a shammy)
  • corners of steps where Ha-Ra® Floor Cleaning System cannot reach


Rinse with Hans Raab Protective Formula or wash in the washing machine at a temperature not higher than 40°C using Ha-Ra® Saponella Washing Powder and allow to dry in the sun.

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