Ha-Ra Cleaning Cloth - Nano Hedgehog

Ha-Ra Cleaning Cloth - Nano Hedgehog

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The Nano Series of Fibres
Mr Raab has put more than 30 years of experience into the area of physical mechanical cleaning and in his many years of research and development it has ultimately led him to one of his best fibres of all, the Nano Gold Hedgehog. This fibre is made from hi-tech industrial materials.
The white fibres, which are almost in the Nano range, are combined with a unique, blue monofibre.

Properties Top - Combination of unique, blue monofibre and white fibres.
Bottom – all white fibres.
This cloth has approx. 18 million individual fibres.
The top gathers the heavy dirt, the bottom dries the surface – no further drying is necessary.
High powered cleaning.


Wet cleaning – with Hans Raab Protective Formula or Ha-Ra® Saponella Washing Powder, for very dirty/greasy surfaces. Especially suitable for:

Kitchens (if necessary, clean with Ha-Ra® Blue Cleaning Paste):

  • sinks
  • pots
  • stainless steel surfaces/utensils
  • cook tops
  • ovens

Bathrooms (can be used on all surfaces EXCEPT Perspex, soft synthetics, acrylic and acrylic lacquers):

  • tiles
  • dirty grout


The Ha-Ra® Nano Hedgehog Cleaning Cloth should be rinsed after use and hung out to dry.

Never leave soaking in water.

If the cloth is very dirty, it is recommended that it be cleaned with pure soap and warm water, or washed in the washing machine at no higher temperature that 40º C. It is recommended that Ha-Ra® Saponella Washing Powder be used to give the fibres a longer life span.

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