Ha-Ra Window Cleaning Device (Squeegee) - VARIO

Ha-Ra Window Cleaning Device (Squeegee) - VARIO

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With the modified Ha-Ra® Vario Window Cleaner you can work even easier.

It is particularly versatile because you have 10 possible settings with a single device. Unlike traditional window cleaners, the fibre side can be rotated for cleaning the surface upward.

Experience the benefits of world record device on your windows.

The Ha-Ra® Vario Window Cleaner comes primarily with the highly absorbent Viva fibre. This 100% polyester fibre stores the water, then dissolves grease and dirt.


  • Multi-Adjustable Rubber Blade: you can reach (behind ledges, protruding heaters, dashboards, window latches, ranch (sliding) door handles, pre-built radiators, instrument panels, etc.) anywhere and everywhere.
  • Four Handle Positions: adjustments to the handle for ease of use in all positions especially great for roof windows, sloping windows, conservatories, cathedral windows, dormer windows, atriums, etc.
  • Edge Protector and Fibre Pads: to prevent unintentional scratching of window and door frames. 

IMPORTANT: Before the first use, apply a drop of Hans Raab Protective Formula lengthwise onto the fibre pad.

The fibre pad and the rubber blade with an aluminum rail are also available individually as spare parts.

Please contact us for further details on spare parts.

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