Ha-Ra Floor Cleaning Pad - Wet Fibre - Green Outdoor

Ha-Ra Floor Cleaning Pad - Wet Fibre - Green Outdoor

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The fibres have a thick, coarse and tightly packed weave with the ability to absorb and collect grime that has been loosened.


  • For cleaning rough floors such as smooth brick pavers, slate, terra-cotta, quarry tiles non glazed.
  • This special fibre is useful for removing coarse dirt and cleaning rubber ridged floors, timber decks and patios.
  • For daily use on commercial surfaces.
  • Hospital floors.
  • For families with small children – it is excellent for collecting sand.
  • To clean walls and ceilings before painting or general cleaning.
  • Floors in fish and chip shops and fish processing plants.


Add 2 drops of Hans Raab Protective Formula to 5 litres of water.
Dip the Ha-Ra® Green Wet Outdoor Floor Cleaning Pad into the water and wring out fibre to fibre. Use the pad wet but not dripping. Remove the dirt with moderate pressure using an "S" motion.
If necessary, dry off with the Ha-Ra® White Short Floor Cleaning Pad or Ha-Ra® White Long Floor Cleaning Pad.
Use of Hans Raab Protective Formula allows dirt to fall out of the fibres by rinsing only, or dipping in a bucket.


This pad should be rinsed in water, adding 2 drops of Hans Raab Protective Formula per 5 litres of water, allowing dirt to drop out easily.

After using, it is recommended that the Ha-Ra® Green Wet Floor Cleaning Pad be washed in the washing machine using Ha-Ra® Saponella Washing Powder. Shake after washing to separate the fibres and hang out to dry completely.

It is recommended that you have a least 2 of these floor pads when using them on a commercial basis.

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