Ha-Ra Dry Absorbing Cloth

Ha-Ra Dry Absorbing Cloth

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SIZE: 22 x 29 cm

Ha-Ra® Dry Absorbing Cloth is a combination of the best features of microfibre and viscose.
The microfibre:

  • has enormous suction power
  • holds liquid without dripping
  • absorbs dirt very well
  • dries very quickly

The viscose:

  • holds water very well
  • feels very comfortable

No odour! Thanks to a special weaving technique, there are no voids and cavities in which bacteria or germs are able to attach and proliferate.


The Ha-Ra® Dry Absorbing Cloth is ideal to use throughout the home:

  • handy for quickly wiping up liquids, eg flower water, wine, milk, etc.
  • as a replacement for paper towels
  • as a dish cloth for the dishes
  • for drying the shower or tub after showering or bathing
  • quick cleaning of the sink after use

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