Ha-Ra Doormat - Soft for Indoors - Black/Brown

Ha-Ra Doormat - Soft for Indoors - Black/Brown

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Standard Sizes (see above for current availability):

  • 60x40 cm
  • 90x65 cm
  • 90x200 cm [only imported from Germany when a customer places an order]

Colour: black tinged with brown

"Soft" is the mat for the entrance way to the house or business premise.

It is made of coarse and fine fibres in alternating order. The coarse fibres brush the remaining dirt away. The fine fibres have a fine cleaning and suction effect, similar to a cloth, and absorb the moisture.

The large number of fine fibres allows for a significantly larger fibre surface, which nearly doubles the water absorption. Despite this, the mat still dries quickly.


Since most dirt collects in the grooves, 75% of this dirt can be removed by simply turning and shaking.
Further cleaning is possible by vacuuming (only the dry mat), hosing or washing.

Please note that the doormat may only be washed by itself and should not be spun!

For severe stains such as oil, pre-treat first with Hans Raab Protective Formula, one drop at a time.
Wash at 40º C with Ha-Ra® Saponella Washing Powder.
To dry, lie flat on the floor or hang straight.
Do NOT fold!

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