Aglaia DRC Face & Bodywash Ayurveda

Aglaia DRC Face & Bodywash Ayurveda

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Aglaia DRC® Face & Bodywash Ayurveda is based on an extremely gentle and skin-friendly surfactant composition of betaine and sulfosuccinate. These raw materials are mainly used in baby care products and are known for their excellent dermatological properties.

In addition, skin moisture stabilizers are used, which are obtained from cereal starches (wheat and corn). Pure essential oils from citrus fruits provide fresh, but unobtrusive scent. Further more, Indian medicinal plant extracts, whose ayurvedic effects have been known for more than 2000 years, are used.

It is recommended that you always use Aglaia DRC® Face & Bodywash Ayurveda in combination with the Aglaia DRC® fibres, as they complement each other. Your skin will experience a strong peeling effect, an "intensive cleaning" that you may not be used to. Therefore, duration and intensity should be increased gradually.

Massage effect and thorough cleaning of the pores stimulate blood circulation and skin metabolism. Your skin will feel noticeably better and fresher. With regular use, the entire skin texture is refined, calluses form back and the skin becomes firmer.

NOTE: Aglaia DRC Dispenser for the 1 Litre bottle is sold separately.

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