Aglaia DRC Face & Body Lotion 150ml

Aglaia DRC Face & Body Lotion 150ml

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The DRC® Face and Body Lotion from the Danja Raab Collection is an oil-in-water emulsion which has been specially formulated to nourish the skin after cleansing and to protect it from dehydration.

Extracts of the calendula flower dissolved in soybean oil increase circulation of the blood and have an anti-inflammatory effect. They accelerate the constant regeneration of the skin and provide the skin with nourishing oils. Moisturisers, which are imitations of natural moisturising factors, prevent dehydration of the skin. The lotion also contains allantoin which has an anti-inflammatory effect and is frequently used in baby care products.

Plant extracts from arnica, stinging nettle, cinchona, chamomile and birch increase permeability and circulation of the blood. In addition, the Face and Body Lotion contains Indian medicinal plant extracts which further increase the beneficial effect of this lotion.

The Face and Body Lotion is suitable for all skin types and meets all the requirements of a modern body care programme. You only need to use small amounts of this lotion day and night.

In conjunction with the DRC® fibres and the Mild Wash Lotion, the Face and Body Lotion from the Danja Raab Collection, is the third essential component of the DRC® skin care regime.

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