Ha-Ra Naturals - Sun Cream High SPF 30/UVB + UVA in 150ml tube

Ha-Ra Naturals - Sun Cream High SPF 30/UVB + UVA in 150ml tube

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Your skin specialist is the best person to ask for advice about sun protection for your skin. It is advisable to protect your skin against the sun by applying a broad spectrum sunscreen lotion - even if you have non-sensitive skin. Too much exposure to the sun is damaging to your skin and to your health. When your children play outside, always protect their tender skin with a sunscreen lotion.

Sun Tanning?

Due to the hole in the ozone layer, more and more damaging UV radiation is now able to reach the earth’s surface. Skin specialists advise against too much exposure to the sun without adequate protection. The Ha-Ra Natuarls Sun cream SPF 30 will help you to protect your skin.

Sun Protection Factor 30

Ha-Ra Naturals Sun Cream High SPF 30, with the patented lipo system complex, is the most advanced form of sun protection. The UVA and UVB filters built into the liposomes attach themselves to the connection tissue of your skin, and give a sun protection which is absolutely water resistant. An additional physical filter provides even more protection during exposure to the sun.

The base is a gel free of emulsifiers, fat and perfumes. It can therefore be used by people with sensitive skin or suffering from allergies, especially those that are sun related.

Apply Ha-Ra Naturals Sun Cream SPF 30 sparingly to dry skin 30 to 45 minutes before exposure to the sun. The liposomes will carry the active substances directly to the skin cells. The additional enzyme filter guards against aging of the skin caused by exposure to the sun.

Ha-Ra Naturals Sun Cream SPF 30 only has to be applied once a day. Depending on your skin type, it will protect for up to 8 hours, even after swimming and perspiring. It is suitable for children from 8 months upwards (infants should always be kept in the shade), and for those that prefer a once-a-day application. Thanks to the absence of perfume, emulsions, grease and oils it is also particularly suitable for those with allergies, especially sun allergies.

Ha-Ra Naturals Sun Cream SPF 30 conforms to the latest health guidelines of dermatology and cosmetics (it is effective, friendly to the skin, easy to apply). Not tested on animals. The protection factor is tried and dermatologically tested in accordance with international standard (COLIPA).

After exposure to the sun, we recommend that you clean your skin with the Body Glove and the Face & Bodywash Ayurveda from the Aglaia DRC® Collection. Then moisturize your skin with Aglaia DRC® Face and Body Lotion and you will feel just great!

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