Ha-Ra Floor Cleaning System - Perfect

Ha-Ra Floor Cleaning System - Perfect

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  • 32.5 cm
  • 42.5 cm


The Ha-Ra® "Perfect" Floor Cleaning System is a product which revolutionises the process of floor cleaning. This absolutely innovative product has once more taken Ha-Ra a giant step towards perfecting the process of floor cleaning.

Its unique six chamber system allows the optimum distribution of pressure to the Ha-Ra Floor Cleaning Pads, so that the fibres work freely.

The construction is lightweight industrial polyamide.


  • Six Chamber System: a very effective, deep cleaning effect is achieved by the specially developed six chamber system.
  • Bolting Device: it is simply operated by pressing the blue button firmly with the foot.
  • Attaching Floor Pad: the built in rollers and the 60 degree angle makes it easy to attach the Perfect to the floor pads.
  • "S" Joint / Sleeve Screw: as a result of the manufacture of the new ultrasound welded "S" joint, approximately 40% less energy is required when cleaning. The winged screw has been replaced by a countersunk sleeve screw.

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