Ha-Ra Floor Cleaning Pad - Dusting Fibre - Grey

Ha-Ra Floor Cleaning Pad - Dusting Fibre - Grey

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Ha-Ra® Dry Yellow Floor Cleaning Pad is made of synthetic fibres that do not harbour or grow bacteria and do not allow dust mites to breed.


  • To use as an electrostatic “mop”.
  • To collect fine dust particles, lint, hair, etc. on walls, floors, skirting boards and ceilings.
  • To remove cobwebs from high places.

The Dry Yellow fibres are especially suitable for certain types of flooring e.g. parquetry,marble, cork, granite, timber, waxed and oiled floors, as it is not recommended to frequently wash these floors.

Replaces the broom on many occasions.


The fibres in the Ha-Ra® Dusting Grey Floor Cleaning Pad clean only when the floor pad is dry.

The fibre pad has to be attached to the Ha-Ra® Floor Cleaning system, and then moved lightly backwards and forwards over the floor. A static charge develops so that dust and fluff are not stirred up but attached to the fibres instead.

Ceilings and walls are perfect area’s as well to be dusted in this way.
Do not push too hard, let the fibres glide over the surfaces.

Special note: Recommended for people who are allergic to dust and for asthma suffers as no dust is raised.


The Ha-Ra® Dusting Floor Cleaning Pad should be taken outside and hit against a hard surface to release fluff and dust. It is recommended to brush off any hair attracted to the pad.

Alternatively, the pad can be vacuumed.

Please, try to avoid using over wet, sticky or damp surfaces.

NOTE: Wash only when very soiled!

Wash in the washing machine at a temperature not higher than 40º C with Ha-Ra® Saponella Washing Powder and allow to dry in the sun.

Please, wash very rarely, so that the special qualities of the fibres last for a long time.

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