Ha-Ra Cleaning Glove - Dry Yellow

Ha-Ra Cleaning Glove - Dry Yellow

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The Ha-Ra® Dusting Glove is made from synthetic fibres only. It will clean most surfaces where damp cleaning is not possible. The fibres in the Ha-Ra® Dusting Glove only clean when the glove is dry.


The surface to be cleaned should be dry and free of sticky substances such as jam, butter and oil.

The Ha-Ra® Dusting Glove should be rubbed several times over the surface to be cleaned, to charge it. It should then be pulled over the surface one way in an S motion – rubbing backwards and forwards causes the release of dust particles.

Do not push too hard – let the fibres glide over the surface.


  • All areas of the home/office/business where dust settles
  • Antiques
  • Carved surfaces
  • Picture and window frames
  • Books
  • Lampshades
  • Overhead ceiling fans
  • Bedheads
  • Television and computer key boards
  • It is particularly good for collecting dust on dark furniture
  • Useful for grooming pets to remove loose hairs from horses and short haired dogs


The Ha-Ra® Dusting Glove should be taken outside and hit against a hard surface to release fluff and dust.
It is recommended to brush off any hair attracted to the glove.
Alternatively, if there is no outside access, the fibres can be vacuumed.
Please, try to avoid using over wet, sticky or damp surfaces.

Wash in the washing machine at a temperature not higher than 40°C using Ha-Ra® Saponella Washing Powder and allow to dry in the sun.
Wash rarely, so that the special qualities of the fibres last longer.
Brush out after washing using a metal brush.


Recommended for use by people suffering from asthma and allergies as cleaning does not lead to dust particles being swirled up and released into the air.

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