Ha-Ra Cleaning Cloth - Sapphire

Ha-Ra Cleaning Cloth - Sapphire

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The Ha-Ra® Sapphire Cleaning Cloth is suitable for cleaning all smooth surfaces.

The specially designed fibres and structure are designed for using water only.
If the surface is greasy, use 2 drops of Hans Raab Protective Formula to two litres of water.

This cloth is ideal for use in the kitchen.


  • Use as a dish cloth for washing lightly soiled dishes
  • General cleaning of lightly soiled benchtops
  • Kitchen cupboards/tops
  • Tops of refrigerators
  • Bookshelves
  • Leather couches and chairs
  • Television and stereos
  • Dining tables
  • Computer and office equipment
  • Anywhere the surface is smooth


The Ha-Ra® Sapphire Cleaning Cloth is a general purpose cleaning cloth, for loosening and picking up the grime from the surface. Either dampen or immerse the cloth in water and wipe the surface to be cleaned. Then rinse and wring out the cloth and wipe the surface dry or use the Ha-Ra® Natura Cleaning Cloth to dry the surface.


The Ha-Ra® Sapphire Cleaning Cloth should be washed in the same manner as clothing.

Wash regularly in the washing machine or by hand, allowing the fibres to dry in the sun whenever possible. 

The cloth should be washed at a temperature NOT higher than 40º C. We recommend using Ha-Ra®Saponella Washing Powder which is low suds and biodegradable.

NOTE: A new Ha-Ra® Sapphire Cleaning Cloth should be washed before its first use, for maximum performance.

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