Animal World DUO Pet Care Glove

Animal World DUO Pet Care Glove

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The Ha-Ra® Pet Care Glove stops shedding and dandruff on your pet. It cleans and cares for your pet's fur and the glands in your pet's skin.


  • Spray the white side of the Animal World DUO Pet Glove until the fibres are totally wet and massage the pet fur with the white side of the glove.
  • Brush the pet fur clean using the opposite side of the glove, (blue fibres), until dirt and grease are removed.
  • For quick care, it is sufficient to brush your pet using only the blue fibre side of the animal glove.


  • If the glove is slightly dirty, it is sufficient to rinse it out in warm water.
  • In the case of heavy dirt, the glove can be washed in the washing machine at 40º C with Ha-Ra®Saponella Washing Powder.
  • Do NOT use fabric softener or detergents containing bleach.

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